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On or Off?  

Sharinrosey 30F  
284 posts
2/3/2017 12:16 am
On or Off?

My thought for the day...

If you were to fuck me as part of a group and you knew for certain everyone there was disease free would you prefer to fuck me bare back or with protection?
Bare back
With protection


sexstarvedme1966 55M
383 posts
2/3/2017 2:17 am

No doubt about it - bare back is best.

But, and it is a big "but", how can you be certain that everyone in the group is disease free? Even if we all show up with certificates from last week, unless we have been celibate for a while before that (some diseases take a while to show up in any test) and remained celibate since the test, there is no guarantee that the person we fucked yesterday has not left a little gift.
And what are the chances of everyone willing to group fuck you being the type to remain celibate for such a long period? Would you be?

Ienjoythetaste 73M
2560 posts
2/3/2017 2:35 am

Bare Back is always the best way to fuck, but even in the scenario you put forward it would be very dangerous.

I only go bear back with my Princess who I have been with a long time.

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foreplay4ever58 64M
446 posts
2/3/2017 3:45 am

Bare back for sure, but can you really know for a fact everyone is disease free? It is one thing to "say so", but perhaps medical proof wou;d need to be obtained.

ranchomongo 68M

2/3/2017 3:51 am

I'm old.. I m clean.. and I would like to stay that way..
condoms only.

and you should stress that also.


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RobK2006 55M
5998 posts
2/3/2017 7:32 am

I think it would be too risky to have sex like that. There are a lot of STDs out there. Stay safe!

Sharinrosey 30F  
49 posts
2/3/2017 4:28 pm

Thanks for your comments and after doing a little research I would tend to agree with all of you that safe sex is smart sex but bare back with someone trusted is magnificent sex and it is a shame we can't mix the both


sphxdiver 72M
21063 posts
2/3/2017 9:04 pm

Hate condoms, but sometimes they are a necessary evil.

ray72162 60M
1 post
2/4/2017 7:24 pm

Bare back

zguy007 70M
45 posts
2/5/2017 3:02 am

Of course we'd all love bareback but with this scenario, there is no way to be sure, so better wrap it up

LickYourYoni 73M
569 posts
2/6/2017 7:09 am

and I would love licking your used pussy

MEGuy06 40M

2/6/2017 8:38 am

Skin to skin is much better

rahul_852791649O 36M
13 posts
2/6/2017 11:25 pm

i love skin to skin

Sharinrosey 30F  
49 posts
2/10/2017 6:27 am

Maybe I could organize a bare back event with a big group of friends for a creampie party for those who would love that


sixtrings 46M/42F
57 posts
2/10/2017 9:37 am

Protection it is.

LickYourYoni 73M
569 posts
2/11/2017 9:43 am

    Quoting Sharinrosey:
    Maybe I could organize a bare back event with a big group of friends for a creampie party for those who would love that
Yes, please. You would look so sexy with warm cum drooling from your used pussy.

pickone1960 62M  
2 posts
2/12/2017 5:13 am

I would use protection even though bare back is the best I keep that for my partner (wife). Luv to cum over every other inch of your body however you would like it and in a group situation that would be awesome.

LimerickJohn 68M
1046 posts
2/23/2017 3:14 pm

Bareback as I love a good creampie pussy or ass.

Sharinrosey 30F  
49 posts
2/26/2017 4:38 am

I do prefer bareback myself and have on occasion taken that chance in the spur of the moment but there is nothing better than having really great sex with someone you know is clean and let them cum deep inside you then only moments later have someone else do the same and then another until there's cum dripping out of you like a leaky tap.

That's a definite turn on for me


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