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My Profile, new and Updated  

WilmingtonFun137 42M
101 posts
5/14/2021 12:30 pm
My Profile, new and Updated

Here is my new profile. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, I would be happy to hear them.

You can contact me on my Blog.

Fully vaccinated as of April 1st.

I'm a 40 year old, laid back, professor. I work hard so I can enjoy my time off. I moved to Wilmington a few years ago. Looking for a Friend and Lover.

I would say FWB, but that seems to have a different connotation these days. I want someone I can talk and hang out with. laugh and joke and text obnoxious jokes to. Someone to cuddle up with and watch a silly show or movie with. And I also want a regular lover.

Yes, a Lover. not just a quick fling. I want to spend hours in bed kissing and holding and pleasing one another. 50/50, you and me, finding happiness. I want to kiss and make out, slowly caress and worship your body for hours even before we get down to it. Though nothing wrong with fast and dirty and a little mean when the mood hits.

More about me... I am 6'-2", average build. Glasses or contacts, whatever. Grey-blue eyes and my blonde hair is thin and mostly gone, kept cut short.

I am clean and expect you to be as well. Yes, that includes disease free, but also just clean.

If I am so amazing, how am I not taken? You might ask. Well... I am. I am happily married and completely honest with her. We are in an open, ethical, poly-amorous relationship. No she won't be joining us, she is Asexual. Yes you can ask if you are curious. I'm always happy to chat about whatever.

She has asked me to follow a few rules.
Stay clean and safe.
Play elsewhere.
Come home to her.

She might ask questions and be curious, but she won't be joining us. She is asexual, not gay or bi. No, there is no "fixing that", so no need to ask. Stop being rude.

And yeah, don't be rude.

If you're still curious, and would like to chat, hit me up on my blog. I've set up a free way to contact me. As a standard member, I can't see emails. And I've only so many points to IM (if it even works LOL ).

Speaking of my blog, if you are curious, I do have one. Sharing ideas. Feel free to say hi there.

You see light dappling on the water and forget the deep, cold dark beneath.

WilmingtonFun137 42M
285 posts
5/14/2021 12:30 pm

Also for all those who aren't Gold Members, now you can check out my profile.

You see light dappling on the water and forget the deep, cold dark beneath.

CL_Love 50M/50F
425 posts
5/14/2021 12:42 pm

Only one minor point of order - you are in an open, ethical non-monogamous relationship. Unless you currently have a "girlfriend" (as in a woman other than your wife that you have a committed loving relationship with in addition to your "primary" love relationship with), I would not consider you polyamorous. Also, depending on who you ask...many poly couples have both parties involved with the "girlfriend" which you have clearly indicated is not going to be the case. Maybe just semantics, but just a thought.

That said...wish you lived closer (the old familiar refrain from this site). Because that is exactly the type of relationship I've craved for 6.5 years. Have gotten close a few times, but never really found the long term friendship/lover I desire. Still have some occasional fun, but it isn't the same. Sigh.

WilmingtonFun137 replies on 5/14/2021 1:12 pm:
Yeah, that is very true. Though, I'm not sure what to call it if not that. Ha ha. Maybe I'm open to a poly-amorous relationship? The linguistics of it can be a bit difficult.

A familiar refrain indeed. But I do appreciate the sentiment. It's not a situation that comes around often, and when it does, there are always complications. Distance being one with the online nature. A long term friend and lover would be amazing, just perfect. One person for something lasting.

jajo696 113F
4287 posts
5/14/2021 2:24 pm

Im not understanding how you can be in an open ethical poly amorous relationship and .....happily married and still be able to hangout...spend time with....spend long hours cuddling and whatever else with another person, in addition to working outside the home.
That seems like the ideal arrangement but also impossible.
The other thing is you would have to locate the being that is looking for the exact same thing. I mean anyone who is also not involved elsewhere may require more of your time, and her person also has to understand and buy into your relationship.

Just my thoughts....Good Luck with it all ~~

WilmingtonFun137 replies on 5/14/2021 7:25 pm:
I can totally understand how that doesn't quite sync in the brain. LOL. Hmm... let me see if I can explain it.

We are happily married. We chill and laugh and cuddle. We love and support one another. Shoulders to cry on and all that. Love. One can have love without sex.

Yes, it caused quite a bit of strife in our marriage before we figured out what it was. Figured out that she was asexual. And before we both openly discussed and came up with a solution. If you can have love without sex, why not sex without love?

Then that grew. It's alright for me to even love another as long as I still love her. It's not more or less, it's different. It's not complicated or full of drama, but it definitely is different. Difficult to wrap one's mind around.

And yeah, it could be difficult to find someone to join me in this situation. But it's worth searching for. Hopefully I'll be able to find that additional special someone. Someone to add to life, joy, passion.

PonyGirl1965 57F
22090 posts
5/15/2021 1:23 am

Good profile. I hope you find a wonderful lover

WilmingtonFun137 replies on 5/15/2021 7:55 am:
Thank you so much.

CL_Love 50M/50F
425 posts
5/17/2021 12:18 pm

Side note - the best analogy I have found to how it is possible to love more than one person is the same way I didn't love my son less when my daughter was born...heart expands the amount of love it has to give.

However, jajo696 makes a good point that while a heart can expand, the number of hours we have to give others doesn't. I imagine that it requires both an understanding wife and an understanding lover to share that limited resource. As for me, I have a pretty flexible work environment and could definitely share lunch hours and some after work hours with another man without affecting the time I have available for my husband by much. Also, hubs has a hobbythat I don't share that he gives at least one weekend day away from me each week. In another year when my kids aren't at home anymore, that is a day I could dedicate to another instead of just being home alone.

The best experience I had was with a man that was in between jobs (so had some time during the day we could spend together - he had just left military and hadn't really found his next chapter yet) and he was divorced with children that went to mom's every other weekend (which allowed us a few weekend times together). Unfortunately, as his heart healed from his divorce, he sought a more traditional relationship where he didn't need to share that time with another man. So is tough to find.

WilmingtonFun137 replies on 5/18/2021 7:08 am:
I think that's a great way to put it. I like that.

That is definitely a concern, and it could be an issue. I know my own schedule as a professor, while pretty rigid by the semester, tends to have quite a lot of free time. And my wife is good with me sharing that time with another. Share that limited resource, as it were. But schedules would have to mesh for it to work.

Since we don't have kids, and I tend to have quite a lot of afternoons and evenings off, as well as every weekend, I'll be able to share that time. Not ALL of it, but more than enough.

and yeah, I'm sure it won't be easy to find someone, but I think it's worth the effort trying.

But thank you for that insight. it was quite helpful.

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