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F'n Irish
Posted:Jun 20, 2021 6:46 pm
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2021 12:01 pm

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I had a date with an Irishman. Reddish hair, blue eyes and a last name that started with Mc, how fitting I thought smugly.
Inviting him right my home was the second part of my ingenious plan. I wouldn’t have drive anywhere and I’d have the comfort of my own surroundings – the trade off was I would be cooking our dinner, and I’d need clean my house. I woke early Friday morning and began rushing about with my vacuum sucking up all those damn Asian Beetles that have invaded my space. I know it needed doing anyway but being the stubborn woman that I am I tend finish projects at my own pace = rare2never.
Since I’m not familiar with what you are supposed cook on St. Patty’s I went with an easy Italian standby, lasagna. I like it because it can be prepared ahead of time and then baked when the date is actually en route (I don’t care how many jokes have been told about women always being late, men are just as guilty!) In holiday spirit I prepared the traditional Irish dessert – lime green Jello.
With the food under control I moved on to the cleaning and shaving part of the predate ritual. Earlier while grocery shopping I had purchased a package of temporary Irish themed tattoos and with very little effort a lovely trail of tiny shamrocks cascaded down my cleavage. I also strategically placed an inch high Leprechaun just below my panty line and just above the pot of…
He arrived over an hour late and bearing no gifts but his smile. The conversation was interesting and the food good enough he had servings, yet everything was quite bland. I was in a Monte Python movie fest and we moved my couch enjoy it together. It took about 15 seconds for him to follow the shamrock trail, and I readjusted so I could still view the television. We kissed with passion as hot as the dribbles of ice cream out of the bottom of a ’s cone.
I took him to my bed and hoped he’d kiss his way around the shamrock trail until he found the Leprechaun. He got lost on the trail. Seems he was more of a mountain climber than a spelunker. After he planted his flag he fell asleep in the middle of my bed. I got up and went to the extra bedroom and attempted to sleep on the futon. In the morning after he’d slept in I made him bacon and eggs. Damn ingrained sense of being a gracious host. Hmm, meals, giant breasts and a queen sized bed himself and he didn’t worry about putting out any effort toward my happiness… is THAT what they mean by – the luck of the Irish?!?
Lust you D
Posted:Jun 20, 2020 4:08 pm
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2021 11:46 am

I don’t remember his first , or my first response but some force had me take enough notice give him a chance.
I think I even sent him my number one of our first conversations - which I rarely do, but since the internet connection here in the camper via my phone is so shitty I didn’t want waste time or miss an opportunity.
We text, we called... the call omg what a surprise - his voice was identical a friend of mine, someone I have always liked and trusted - and I think that gave him some instant credibility with me, even though it freaked me out a bit. When we talked it wasn’t the same conversations I’d ever had with my friend but still the voice was the same, warm, friendly, fun. I think the text messages were the hardest because I heard them in my friend’s voice but they were from a different man, a new man, a new possibility. I started my usual over thinking and after a few days of beaming over how lucky I was have someone I liked “on the line”, I started worry. Maybe in person he wouldn’t like . Maybe my current extra curviness would repulse him... maybe.. maybe..
We planned our first weekend together just days after meeting online but his work changed his schedule and there was no time. The only way we could spend some time together would be for him to use his valuable sleep time just meet me. It was too much and I continued to make excuses on how I could/should wait and it would work another time. He called me out on my over thinking and insisted I come to see him. He swore he barely ever slept anyway and was used to that schedule. The more he talked the more I believed him. I told him he suffered from ORS my teasing Orgasm Retention Syndrome joke and that spending some time with me would cure his problem. I packed my bag while we continued our phone conversation and he talked to me the whole drive to him.
He met me at the door of the hotel and gave me a hug and a kiss. He was handsome. The kiss was sweet. I followed him nervously to his room. I worried if he thought I looked like my pics. He looked at me and started kissing me again. I let him. I encouraged him. Some of my insecurities began to melt, I sat on the bed. He sat next to me. Kissed me again. I asked what movie he was watching, John Wick 3.. “Oh, I want to see that”, I said knowing I was not going to see much of the movie. We laid back on the bed fully dressed, he kissed me some more, I said it was kind of bright in there... he turned off a couple lights, kissed me some more.
Within minutes we were naked and enjoying each other. He never felt like a stranger. Maybe it was the voice, maybe just all of the hours we’d already spent during our work days just talking about what we were doing. I’m not sure. It made me happy.
He was vocal, “Oh Ann, Oh Baby, Oh my God you feel amazing..etc.”, still strangely in my friends voice but coming from this new handsome man next to me.
After a wonderful no complaints (rare for me) round of sex he wrapped his arms around me pulling my back into his chest he intertwined himself with me, arms, fingers, legs, practically toes too. I relaxed, I let it be wonderful. It was wonderful. His head rested up by my shoulder, I got a couple light kisses. “Do you think you’ll be able to sleep?” I asked quietly. I think he softly said he didn’t know, then I felt all of him seem to relax and within a few seconds his breath changed and he began to purr a light snore. I smiled victoriously and enjoyed all of the moment.
I got hot. I fussed and wiggled around a little. He pulled me in closer. I thought how I could never sleep while being cuddled. I thought about how my ex boyfriend would never hold me like I was now being held even when I requested it, even when I practically begged him too. I decided to appreciate and enjoy every second. I did.
Minutes later...I fussed again, hot, squished, shoulders beginning to ache at the angle I was laying I hoped to move just enough to be able to still be held and sleep. He woke. I got more kisses and round two. It was possibly even better than the first round and after we’d came he pulled me in close again, seemingly enjoying all of me. I let it be wonderful again. It was.
He slept purring again in my ear. I let myself like it while wondering how long before I could try to get comfortable enough to sleep. I felt like I’d waited quite awhile. I enjoyed his touch, his breathing, the closeness...and the fact that every so often his hands would wander across me seemingly checking to make sure all the parts were still there and then relaxing deeper into his sleep. When I finally made my move to flip onto my stomach my butt bumped back into him. I heard, “Baby we’re not doing that again now, we’re just being close”, and I about bit my tongue to hold back a giggle realizing he was still asleep. It was adorable. I didn’t move again for a long time. I think I even slept there in his arms for awhile.
When his alarm went off just a few hours later he pulled me close again... round . Good morning I said afterwards. I smiled, he smiled, he had check his phone, he had go work. I watched him get dressed. As soon as he was I reached out grabbed his belt and pulled him back the bed. I undid his belt, the button and zipper on his pants and removed his cock. I looked at him and took it in my mouth again slowly, briefly and then I put it back and told him to have a nice day. It wasn’t fair, but neither was the fact he had to go back to work and leave . He put the do not disturb sign the door as he left and I spread out in his bed breathing in the scent of us and I slept.

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