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Time to get your geek on, sexiest female comic book character?  

nastytease4U 44F  
12247 posts
1/24/2021 4:04 am

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8/9/2021 6:35 am

Time to get your geek on, sexiest female comic book character?

DC or Marvel? Which female super hero is the top of your bucket list?

If there is a specific adaptation of the character you enjoy most, let everyone know.

I only had 10 slots, so if I missed yours, say so.
Wonder Woman
Harley Quinn
Super Girl
Black Widow
Scarlett Witch
Jean Grey

CleavageFan4U 65M  
69374 posts
1/24/2021 7:03 am

Catwoman and Harley kind of bookend my fantasies time-wise.

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ABs, on HNW
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1/24/2021 9:00 am



nickdurps 47M
21 posts
1/24/2021 10:17 am


theroaddogg2000 51M
20 posts
1/24/2021 12:54 pm


justaguyinalaska 56M
879 posts
1/24/2021 11:14 pm

I would give a slight edge (over Black Widow) to Andromache (Charlize Theron in "The Old Guard").

profcoquin27bis 57M
4323 posts
1/25/2021 5:40 am

super girl on the serie not on the movie

69ereatwetpussy 60M
6784 posts
1/27/2021 6:57 am

Hard choice cat woman is hot, bat girl is cute but Harley Quinn is sexy and just nuts

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 61M
3847 posts
1/28/2021 12:25 am

Original WonderWoman, not new one at all ! Original CatWoman from the Batman TV show would be 2nd (Julie Newmar), and once had a thing for Kitty (Leslie Gore), but many of the female super-heroins do something for me, mmm, the gal from Watchman (cant think of her name) would probably be a good 3rd choice.

Lookingtoplayonl 51M

1/28/2021 5:11 am

Tv show Linda carter had great tits

cozzycouple 64M/64F  
588 posts
1/29/2021 2:34 am

Voted Wonder Woman
She can handle anything

Bigthickdick1088 36M

1/30/2021 7:39 pm

Black Widow is fine as hell

stormy0knight 47M
11 posts
1/31/2021 11:34 am

I wonder if many are imagining Gal Gadot whilst voting Wonderwoman

Leegs2012 49M
96134 posts
2/5/2021 2:50 pm

Voted: Batgirl.

twood1600 57M

4/22/2021 11:05 am

love them all for different reasons

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