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Judging a woman by her ride  

rm_Ollylay 65F
133 posts
3/25/2012 6:04 pm
Judging a woman by her ride

I had a lover that was a player, always looking for the perfect partner. He was not one to judge a woman by her appearance or size, he judged her by how naughty she liked to get. We were lovers and friends and we shared the experiences we had with others, I would advise him on how to pick out the users and move past them. He advised me but mostly just kept me happy.

So one day he surprises me and tells me that he has decided to see himself at a higher level, quit being so hard on himself for just having a high school degree. He had always thought himself not worthy of college degreed women, though we seem to be the naughtiest ones..hehe. Anyway, he decides he can sort out the women who are just looking to be "taken care of" by the car they drove. That one factor helped him sort through his selections; I discovered it was pretty accurate on the men I met too. Cheap car, cheap guy, cheap date and no telling what kind of lover.

What have you experienced in the world of dating? How do you sort through who to meet and does the vehicle reflect the person?

cyclingfool 60M  
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3/25/2012 8:42 pm

Well.... If it is going to go past just a date or two stage, I try and figure her long term family life style out. And mostly what is her mother like? My ex was from a poor old farming family and she didn't expect much, nor did she strive for much, which isn't good either. My latest g/f, her father did well for himself, but is from a modest background. But her mother is a spoiled brat and self proclaimed socialite. Therefore, my g/f tries to live beyond her means and expect things she can't and I can not afford. Her daughters are even worse than her. All because of the mother/grandmother.
I myself come from a modest background and do better than my folks did. I know I get out and have more fun than they did. I love living it up and I love spoiling the woman in my life within my means. It is more fun when it is appreciated than when it is expected.
Does any of what I said make sense? Does it make me sound cheap?
When looking at profiles, if a hot spot is in Europe or someplace like that I steer clear. If every picture is high heels and champagne I steer clear, but if there is some normal local life expressed in a profile I am interested. Not that I don't like traveling, I do, but it is a planned event, not a regular activity.

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