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Sexual Disfunction??  

tresennui 67F
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7/19/2020 8:40 am

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2/3/2022 10:16 pm

Sexual Disfunction??

I am surprised and dismayed by the number of people still out their trolling for hook ups. I love sex and miss it too, but WTF, there is a crisis. The health and lives of people are at stake. Stick to virtual sex and masturbation for the time being. Think about how extraordinary the real thing will feel when we get the spread of COVID-19 under control by being vigilant...wearing masks, distancing ourselves from others, staying home, whenever possible...not taking the risk of infecting others or becoming infected. There are still too many questions regarding how this virus spreads and the lasting effects it may have on people of all ages. Studies have show the virus may effect multiple parts of our bodies, lungs, heart, immune system, etc. If there was, even a remote, possibility, it could result in sexual disfunction, do you think people would finally take the recommended precautions seriously?

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BiLinda1967 55F
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4/2/2021 4:14 am

    Quoting  :

I agree hon.

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Paulxx001 65M  
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7/19/2020 11:53 pm

Good advice for all to follow...

lookin4funMOIL 60M/60F  
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7/19/2020 10:37 am

I got a friend that died in a car reck and they said he died of covid 19

1seeking1 57F
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7/19/2020 10:36 am

Thanks for posting this. If more people would just be more hygenic. Perhaps some will learn. Stay home if you are sick, flu is also contagious. Wear a mask, 30 minutes and mine has to come off. Perhaps the face shields are easier to wear and tolerate? I have new appreciation for healthcare workers, nurses, doctors and everyone. Covid might never be cured, but these simple measures do help contain the spreading.. no interest in hook up, now good time to get to know someone and see if you like ti meet in person. Safe distance with mask till we comfortable? Please everyone stay safe

redrockrascal 64M
23580 posts
7/19/2020 9:48 am

Unfortunately the US government preparation for and response to this corona virus was . . . flaccid.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

tresennui replies on 8/20/2020 6:28 pm:

Brownie202 65F  
2680 posts
7/19/2020 9:36 am

Not long after the number of cases started going down in my state I started getting more ims and messages then before. Some was probably from NY. I believe they was having less cases like here. No way am I taking a chance now let alone over a month ago. If they bothered to read my profile they would of seen I am not meeting. Also that I do not use the im but that is another story..

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

bitchkitty2017 69F

7/19/2020 9:30 am

you really believe all the media hype about this virus? many do and its sad that they believe the number of ppl die from it..Health issues that are underlying are most of the cause of deaths among the elderly and some younger people also...Media has the numbers wayyyyy off track and now some of the States and some of the Provinces in Canada are admitting the numbers are way too high thats being reported ..and because the media does alot of fear mongering people who believe all of it are getting crazy to the point of hysteria ...sure lots of people dont care and look for satisfaction sexually its gonna happen whether we like it or not ...we really dont have any control over what others do ...but its always the topic of the day ..lol keep safe

tresennui replies on 7/19/2020 9:56 am:
Not hype. I am a contact tracer. If anything, the number of people infected, and capable of infecting others, are underestimated since so many are symptomatic.

I suggest those who think this is not so concerning consider volunteering, offer assistance to your local health department or a charitable organization offering services to feed, house and offer emotional support to those who have the virus or family and friends of those who are ailing or have died due to it.

1pusssylick00 52M

7/19/2020 9:27 am

True poor health plays a lot in this also what kind of food we put into our body’s is most important for health and good sex trying active will keep your pecker on the right track

Luv2bottom4u2 65M  
1875 posts
7/19/2020 9:25 am

The Covid Scam has worked on many people. Its a Flu much like any flu. And like any Flu if you old, not healthy or low immune system you should take care and stay inside. The rest are free to go without this stupid face mask scam. Stay away from someone sick or sneezing like you would any other flu.
The so called Stats are so misconstrued for Liberal games for control over everyone. Just this week in Florida it came out that in many county's it was a 100 % contaminated with Covid. Sorry impossible !!!! Come to find out they were off by 90 % only 8-10 % tested positive. This is going on all over the country. So live your lives and stay away from the Hysteria !!!

tresennui replies on 7/19/2020 10:27 am:
Lucky you. You obviously have not had anyone you care about become sick. You haven’t worked in a health care setting, or as a first responder. Or volunteered your services to provide assistance to those affected by the virus because a family member was infected.

Just curious, do you practice safe sex?

SomewhereSE 64M
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7/19/2020 9:22 am

If one considers a different virus for frame of reference, AIDS/HIV was not and is still not taken seriously by a large enough segment of the population for it to continue to be a problem in spite of protective measures taken by those that take precautions.

Fwiw, COVID-19 is here to stay, just as flu and virus are. I’m not so sure that ANY virus has ever been eradicated in it’s entirety, just managed in assorted ways to minimize human casualties with the help of the medical and scientific communities whose recommendations the bulk of the population typically costs chooses to ignore for an assortment of reasons.

As one young man said before he died of covid: “I guess I should have taken it seriously.” Unfortunately he won’t be the only one to die wishing they or someone spreading infection had done the same.

ezwheelz 46M  
198 posts
7/19/2020 9:21 am

I am sure it would scare a few men if the CDC came out and said that covid triggers e.d. in some men. As they say, you cannot fix stupid. But, it turns out that you cannot quarantine stupid either.

Winenuht 63M
185 posts
7/19/2020 9:21 am

100% agree and I'm glad you are thinking this way. I just don't understand some people. Perfect opportunity to get to know people from afar and create friendships prior to meeting. Should be done that way anyways too!

tresennui 67F
2482 posts
7/19/2020 8:43 am

It is a know fact poor health effects how, and if, we can indulge in sexually activity. This question is not far reaching.

Succumbing to Curiosity...read me at tresennui

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